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Patrick Lennox Wright, Photographer,

No 2018 Festival due to
some transitional changes.
The 2019 Festival will be
here before you know it!
Springfield Vermont Steampunk Festival Coordinator

The Board of Directors has decided that it would be best if the Coordinator
was no longer a strictly volunteer position.  

Although the Planning Committee and the Board of Directors
all volunteer as a labor of love for Springfield and for steampunk,
the Coordinator position needs to be non-volunteer and will now include a stipend,
calculated at a "to be determined" percentage of the festival net proceeds,
after awarding the annual $1,000 scholarship to a local student.
So, the more money the Festival makes, the more money the Coordinator will make.
We believe this is a win-win for the Coordinator and the Festival.

Do you consider yourself a very organized person?
 Do you love coordinating events, small and/or large?   
Do you consider yourself a person who is calm under pressure?   
Do you consider yourself a Leader? and/or do others consider you a Leader?  
Are you social media savvy?
Do you love thinking of new and creative ways to do things?
 Are you comfortable speaking in front of people?
Are you comfortable speaking on the radio or on video?  
 Are you comfortable with basic word and excel documents?

The Steampunk Society of Vermont (Society) was born in December of 2014
and almost immediately began planning to launch an annual
Springfield Vermont Steampunk Festival (Festival) that was planned for September of 2015.  
This Festival attracts attendees from all over New England and beyond.
It began with a very small group of volunteers planning it and managing it
including a Coordinator who was in charge of everything and everyone.
Although the Coordinator does have help with volunteer Managers and volunteer teams,
ultimately it is their responsibility to make sure it all comes together.   

The Festival Coordinator is responsible for supervision of the festival managers,
overall festival event planning, marketing and promotion,
maintaining spending within an established budget,
direct communication with sound & lighting staff and entertainers,
and consistent communication with the Steampunk Society of Vermont Board of Directors.  

A more detailed list of responsibilities will be provided
to any candidates chosen to come in for an interview.

Please CLICK HERE to fill out an application.  
If you have any questions before filling out the application,
please shoot us an email with your contact information at
 Someone will get back to you within 24 hours (and probably sooner) to answer your questions.

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