First came a couple of people, Melody Reed & Sabrina Smith,
good friends who met often for lunch and found that
they both admired the Steampunk aesthetic.
They decided to start a facebook group where people could post
their thoughts or pictures pertaining to Steampunk.
George McNaughton, an attorney in town,
learning more about the Steampunk aesthetic and
why it was perfect for Springfield,
began nudging Melody & Sabrina to put on a Steampunk themed Festival.
In January 2015 the Steampunk Society of Vermont was born and
began planning the Steampunk Festival partnering with Hartness House Inn
and the rest, as they say, is history!

President/Director ~ Lisa Mobus
Vice President/Director ~ John Landry
Secretary/Director ~ Darlyn Walker née Nemkovich
Treasurer/Director ~ Dallas Noseworthy
Director ~ Merrilee Fortune née McFadden
(Please find photos and bios HERE).

Sabrina Smith

Steampunk Society of Vermont, LTD’s mission is
to make Springfield Vermont recognized as the Steampunk Capital of Vermont. 
Through the use of steampunk-themed artistic outlets and
events we hope to draw attention to the rich history of Springfield
and encourage melding that history with modern purpose and function. 
We strive to unite the local community in supporting our effort
to help in the revitalization of Springfield. 
We expect that once Springfield is well-known as the Steampunk Capital of Vermont,
it will increase tourism and encourage economic development,
thus supporting the local community. 

Steampunk takes its inspiration from writers of the Victorian age,
namely Jules Verne and H.G. Wells.
The fantasy worlds created by these authors combined with
our present day knowledge of science and technology drives Steampunk imagination.
A futuristic Victorian Age where technology is powered by steam or gears
(similar to a watch that runs on gears) rather than electricity.

"Take three parts Victorian science fiction creativity,
two parts mechanical ingenuity, and one part aesthetic sensibility.
Stir delicately, strain through late 19th Century technology and fashion,
and there you have it: Steampunk." ~ Michael Greenker

Steampunk was coined by science fiction author,
K. W. Jeter when trying to accurately describe his works
and the works of other similar authors.

Steampunk has evolved over the years into fashion, engineering,
music, art and for some, a lifestyle.
Picture modern conveniences designed with a Victorian aesthetic,
where machines and accoutrements of the industrial age
are seen not only as utilitarian but as things of beauty and awe.

The “punk” in Steampunk comes from engaging in the unconventional
through creativity and declaring ones individuality by means of fashion,
style, art or attitude, setting themselves apart.

"What does this mean for Springfield?
It means tossing aside the quaint pastoral Vermont image,
in favor of a virile, vigorous, bustling Yankee mill town with attitude.
Think of youth busily engaged in making things, designing things, and inventing things.
Think of a manmade environment being celebrated instead of naturalized.
That indeed would be a brand that Springfield could be proud of,
slurping locally roasted coffee while building new craft breweries
combined with the fastest internet on the planet." ~ George T. McNaughton ~

You can get a lot of information about Steampunk from this documentary HERE.

Springfield Vermont is in an area called Precision Valley.
Once a bustling industrial age town, Springfield was known far and wide
for its gear shaper, tool, spindle and grinder factories.
Springfield and the Precision Valley have a rich history of industry and innovation.
That's why we are turning Springfield into the Steampunk Capital of Vermont!

The turret telescope was invented here as well as the clothespin,
jointed dolls, toy carts, guitar and violin cases, among many other inventions.

"For me, Steampunk goes beyond just pretty objects,
it's more about being resilient and able to repurpose ourselves through life's adversities. Technology and time doesn't always mean an object or a place has to be discarded.
We can give it new life if we can think differently and
we can do that through this design and art movement of Steampunk." ~ Bruce Rosenbaum ~

06 April 2019 ::: Cartoon Cosplay Rewind

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